by J. Fallthrough

I've never seen the house—the last owner called her “Lindy,” so let's keep that for now—ever take so quickly to a potential partner. See how she—and, of course, there's no reason why the house has to be a she—responds to you. Click here. Yes, there you go. You see how Lindy cooled down two degrees because she saw that your temperature went up a little. Oh, and see how the walls are shifting color—to precisely the shade of blue that's been shown to settle the nervous system? In a minute you'll smell the aromatherapy. Lindy is one of the newer models, so she's sensitive enough to differentiate between anxious and excited. The older ones could get a little flummoxed. You're a little anxious, which is completely normal. We uploaded your profile from Dr. Penderson, so Lindy has all your baselines and knows all your Mood Tones. What's that? The earlier models? Oh, all of those stories—you know how much the media loves to exaggerate. No one denies that they houses weren't as sensitive as our Lindy here and sometimes the signals got crossed. As I said they got a little flummoxed, but that was before the MoodSync technology, which, as you know, Dr. Penderson was intimately involved in creating. Everyone was compensated and we made the necessary changes, and let's not forget that the houses—as everyone knew—were in Beta then. Lindy here would never fail to misread a Grade Three Depresso-Tone for a Grade One Depresso-Tone. Unthinkable now. Smell that lavender with a tinge of lemon? Perfect for a little case of the nerves. That's it. I can tell just by looking at you that Lindy's doing her job, and, of course, should you have any problems Dr. Penderson will make weekly visits for your first year in the house. And we might as well get it on the old table, as they use to say, about that other case because someone like you wouldn't fail to do her research. I've seen your Intelligence Panel. That was a pure exception—and a questionable one. His Obsesso-Tone spike had nothing to do with the house—and, between you and me, I think he was his primary obsession was money, if you know what I mean. The lawsuit went nowhere. Why, even the judge said “the plaintiff may well have found himself in his unfortunate predicament had he been living in his car.” I'll send you the court transcript if you want—we're an open book here it Therabode. Let's go the kitchen. Now just press here and say, “Lindy, what's for dinner?” Great. Salad with lots of herbs and a lentil chili. Recipes coming. See that, Lindy looks at your baseline diet, your Mood Tones, throws in some health stats and tells you exactly what you need at any given time. Feel free to stay here and have dinner—oh, and, remember you can always link Lindy up with a meal service and just have those perfectly prepared, perfectly proportioned—not that you show any need of the weight management module—meals waiting for you when you get home from a long day's work. Dr. P says your scheduled to return to work in a month or so. We get lots of re-entries here. Therabode almost specializes in them. You've seen the stats, no doubt. Eight-six percent of re-entries are able to stay at a job for a year or more if the they live in a place like Lindy. No need to look at there. By the time you move in the pool will be gone and it will be like it never existed. You know how some people are. Dr. P warned against a pool, but she had to have it. A pool, a pool, a pool. Just couldn't live without it. Ah, feel that? The floor is softening for walking ease. That knee injury pain would be kicking in right about now, wouldn't it? Lindy knows just when to soften up to make walking less painful. Enough about that business. Let's show you the master bedroom. Oh, thank you, Lindy! That music is perfect for a Depesso/Anxietate Tone. Have you seen those studies about how music can change brainwaves? Fascinating stuff. Anyway, we've gotten much smarter about who we sell to. Believe me, you wouldn't be here if we thought you were the type to ignore Dr. P's guidance. We learned from the pool incident that we can't always help, no matter how much we want to. Frankly, Dr P. was a great service in getting us to realize that. We're learning all the time, and our primary responsibility is to you, your health, your happiness. Therabode's primary responsibility is to you, your health, your happiness. Ha ha ha! Oh, Lindy, no need to repeat that. Honestly, I've asked my boss to switch that feature off. Shall we? Now this bed. This bed is a marvel. Lay down. Go ahead. There you go. Let me cover you up. Ah, feel that … the blanket automatically adjusts to your needs. Oh, someone needed a hug! Look how its gathering around you. That material was modeled on real human flesh and muscle and the temperature always give you just the right amount of warmth. Now, this bed, this bed is really its own world. Think of it as an extension of you. It knows were your sore, sad, and seeking succor. It firms up and tightens with all of your needs. Here, let me fluff that pillow for you. You just lay back and rest your head on it. Ah, feel that? Ever feel anything like it? That bliss your feeling is the pillow stimulating all the parts of your brain that are registering a frowny face. Isn't that wonderful? And, I know what you're thinking, and I don't want you to worry at all. You won't get so comfy that you'll never want to get up. Ha ha. We laugh, but we know it's a real concern. Therabode feeds in the data from your job and know just when to shift the electric pulses so that you not only get up, but feel good about getting up! For now, just rest for a minute. That's right, close your eyes. You should see how your whole face is changing. You will see it. Lindy snaps pics all the time for your and Dr. P's review. Partnership initiated. Partnership initiated. Oh, Lindy, that's wonderful! I just knew you two would get on. You just press here. Great. Partnership sealed. Partnership sealed.