by gerard varni

He understands the magic of sacrifice. Every decision he
Makes in this life determines who he will become and
His impact on others. Ritual is meaningless,
Inconsequential; it is menial, leading to abject misery.
True experience is the only genuine celebration of faith,
And the assumption of personal responsibility is the only
Measure of spirit in every orbit of his existence. 
Experience is veracious and honest; action, the only moral
Dimension that matters, that is undeniable and pure.
The rest is counterfeit. He is sculptured by the reaction
Between being and environment. Intellect and emotion
Are deceitful. He is shaped by experience; it is unerring
And authentic, the single reality that leads to wisdom. 
Yearning, tenderness, enchantment — they cannot be 
Achieved through ritual.
The journey may be excruciating, 
Violent, severe; but it will be exquisite.