The Dark Music

by Darryl Price

for Sarah

I like the dark baleful music of your crazy long 
eyebrows. They go through it all, hair by hair, 
but always land back on the smooth forehead of love. 
The mad, with their arms crossed, usually don't want to 

hear about that. They never do. What a pity. I 
see now that you don't have a real choice of 
where to go any more because you've gone way beyond 
what you ate for a rise and shine breakfast. I 

do agree with you. There's got to be more. So 
my friend search away, but keep those eyebrows on the 
right prize. Someone to hold you is still going to 
be your best discovery yet. You've been deep into the 

secret tunnels. And you've survived. That's always going to be 
the goal, the problem. Come back as pretty as you 
are; even if you've seen things that shook you to 
your atomic core, the whole universe is still your dance 

floor. Whenever you're ready, give it to them with feeling. 
It's funny how worlds get in the way of words, 
so very often. But you're smart. Pick up the vibration, 
like a seashell, and answer the silence. Search the sky. 

It's there. Somewhere. I'm sure. This poem landed in your
sad face today. Oh, the world! The world! The world!  
Real Love is what we came here for, not to
fight, that's my answer. The blob don't want to hear 

about that. The emerald ego is always searching for more 
hard working citizens. I'm on your side, brave warrior. Yours 
is the sweetest sound I've likely heard, too. So I  
believe you when you say, you're only going back home. 

A ballerina sees everything through ballet, a soldier sees everything 
through his gun, and an Alchemist sees everything through a 
small serviceable crucible's white powder. Open a window. All of 
a sudden, you might see something else coming around the 

bend, and isn't that what you expected all along? Or 
is it just a funny looking blue tree? A wind 
blown ship seen sailing around many simple branches? Well. It's 
only me. That's what I've been trying to tell you.  

I know you can't be staying for long. I also 
know how it feels to lose someone. Hold on to 
your signal plans, but remember you're free to let it  
go if you feel it's maybe knowledge yet to unfold.