Several Ways of Choosing a Wife

by Con Chapman

Here's a helpful suggestion for choosing a wife:
Don't pick from the bin that says “Tragic view of life.”
Sure, she'll share your love of Friedrich Nietzsche,
But I find that kind to be overly prietzsche.

While you wile away hours talking Schopenhauer
You could be outside fertilizing the flowers.
If I had to choose between that and Paul Ricoeur
I'd rather get fresh air spreading manure.

On the other hand, if you're the type who enjoys conviviality,
Get yourself a beauty queen, or at least a Miss Congeniality.
I tried that once, it was draining all right,
When you have to keep smiling the whole freaking night.

If you told her a joke, she'd say “You're a stitch!”
You'd never be tempted to call her a—witch.
But there are limits to one's appetite for pleasantry;
After a while you want to go back to the peasantry.

No, the best choice of all is like Chinese food,
Sweet mixed with sour, refined with crude.
Outgoing/reserved, changing like seasons,
Keeping you on your toes, at least within reason.

I'm happy to say, on this Valentine's Day
Watching guys in tights, dancing modern ballet
That I've married a woman, by a stroke of luck,
Who can walk out and say, “Well that totally sucked.”

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