A Question for the Gods

by Christina Canalizo

She reached out her arms
and spoke to the moon,
"I ran from my fears, from loving too soon."

She gazed at the heavens
and cried to the stars,
"I could not promise him all of my heart."

She wiped away her tears
and laughed at the trees,
"Not a soul on this earth would envy me."

She knelt in the sand
and pondered the sea,
"Will love consume my soul, or will it set me free?"

The Gods heard her prayer
and sent a gift across the ocean.

They painted the truth on her lips,
so she may speak without deception.
They cleansed the bias from her eyes,
so she may see without distortion.
They whispered the reality in her ears,
so she may hear without invention.

But they left her with her fears.
Only she could overcome them.
She struggled, she resisted,
she nearly fell to fear's temptation.

Then she risked all of her heart
and promised one man, 
"I will trust in love's fate; I will give you my hand."