by Boudreau Freret

My birthday is in three days and instead of having a party, I am going to a theme park. The present that I want the most for my birthday (that I am not going to get) is a frog.

I want a fat pudgy frog, not a slim small one.

If I had a frog, I would feed it every day and clean its tank every Sunday. When I begged for a dog, I said I would walk him and feed him and everything. I do none of that stuff. So my parents think I would do the same if I had a frog.

But a frog is different. For example, you do not have to walk a frog, and there is less poop to pick up. So, to make a long story short, I want a frog. But since I feel like writing more, if I could have a frog, I would want to pick out the frog myself. If there are no fat frogs, then I want an extraordinarily fat, pudgy, chubby - but not very warty - toad.

If I had a frog and it had spots, I would name it Bubbles.