The Leap To When

by Alex Taitague

To undo all drinking     when a hang
over has passed     the way leap year
corrects some suns
                                         to rethink my cigarettes
when your lungs only cough up our
debts of last month     the phlegm loosens
in spring
                    to be made aware that
it's not self-evident     when your bills
quack     the economists raise fees
                                                                       to pay
dues to the calendar year     when a
day breaks in quartertime     the stars account
for halftone
                           to feel the absence     when
April begins     the homegrown buds in time
for tax evasion
                                to dig a hole
in a pocket     when some drugs in
one stomach change wallets     the tab's
on the tongue
                             to wash our throats
on the rocks     when the extra day
dries     when the balance is February