by Adam Strong

My teeth chew out on
rubber sparkle handle from
Sting ray bicycle
pants down
rush of cars going by
Old Cutler Road
clutch of my stomach

my balls black and blue
by the bicycle chain
 and when I was 
punched, in the face
while riding red dream
Schwinn Sting ray bicycle
with banana seat
the wall that came up
too fast

instead of helping
they came
what happens when people
are allowed to get away with
Miami 1983
bike chain
covered in sparkle plastic
berry blue flavor if I could taste it
if it wasn't used to hit me down in the balls
till they were black and blue, 
these people
after they were done,
after they left
I reached out for the one thing I still loved 
in the world right then
rubber sparkle handle
Sting ray bicycle