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    Dec 16, 06:04pm

    Greetings WAF Group Members. We thought instead of only asking our gracious leader Susan questions on the Group's behalf, that it might be fun to ask everyone in the group questions for the weekly check-in. The answers will be collected over the next two-three weeks and the check-in will run in the new year. If you see a question you can speak to, or all of the questions you can speak to, please c&p the q below with your name as the responder. If you'd like to answer all of the questions or none of the questions we are also supportive. If you echo your fellow group member let us know too! Send any questions directly if need be. We are women, we are great.
    Nicolle Elizabeth

    Q: WAF Group! How is the group going so far? 3rd wave feminist discussions?

    Q: What differences, if any, does the female writer find in modern fiction that the male writer might not?

    Q: Is gendered writing an issue for anyone or does it not exist to anyone?

    Q: Who are some female authors we adore and why?

    Q: Who are some male authors we adore and why?

    Q: Did you know that as of 1993, women made up 60% of the American workforce yet were only 33% percent owners of American properties?

    Q: Any of the millions of issues related which you feel beckon discussion can be addressed here, please.

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