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    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 25, 03:14pm

    Can't post, but will place in a thread here, because I do want to participate... I'm sure the form isn't as it should appear.

    Days of 1963, What I Want(ed)

    – for Georgia Mae Smith

    Ivy snakes the rough bark of dogwood,
    maple, of the oak you love. It leaves
    the cedar alone.

    Curls of fern mark
    the path to the cliff below the highway
    and the shallow cave where a little girl
    once left her name on the wall.

    At the edge
    of the green world, a rusted water tank waits
    like an old man beside the Norfolk & Western.
    Its shadow is cool. I listen to deep summer.

    Beads of morning swim the blackberry vine.
    Our bucket refuses to fill.

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    Susan Tepper
    Feb 25, 05:14pm

    Oh, boy, this is a killer of beauty and restlessness..
    Sam, thanks for sharing this gorgeous poem with the group.
    & of course you can post-- send a prose poem.
    I'm going to change the group to stories and prose poems.
    Was thinking about that yesterday after Paul sent his piece.

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