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    Marcus Speh
    Mar 28, 06:06pm

    hello everyone.

    i don't think that fictionaut is suited to aide the creation of a sub-community such as WAG. i have therefore created (for free) a community using the MIXXT platform and would ask everyone here to either join direct or continue to send email to Ann (who will then have to invite you...so to save her time, just go there directly).

    the address is http://wag.mixxt.org/ - you can apply for membership there and one of the admins will approve you.

    the platform has got a lot of possibilities: forums, wiki, file sharing, blogs (of members), ... i have helped build a couple of communities using MIXXT and it's not been hard. at the start, we've only opened basic membership and forums though.

    next thing we need a logo...and i don't think if some time passes while it becomes clearer what WAG is or can be. in my experience it doesn't take much to keep an effort burning; and often, large numbers of participants will take care of the fire itself.

    i hope this helps!


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