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    Sam Rasnake
    Mar 28, 12:16pm

    ...posted by the effervescent Finnegan Flawnt in Forum’s Wag on Wheels thread:


    Do check this out.

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    Marcus Speh
    Mar 28, 06:00pm

    WAG wakes up dead writers! what else do you need!

    seriously though, this article is good, better in a way than
    the eisler/konrath dialog which is very self-congratulatory.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Mar 29, 12:29am

    Yes, the Eisler/Konrath dialog was a bit like, "You da man!" "No, you da man!" "No, you was da man way before I ever was da man."

    But their dialogue did eventually and accurately summarize the industry.

    Marcus/Flawnt are another thing altogether. But, as Martha might put it, "It's a good thing."

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