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    Mark Budman
    Dec 30, 01:03am

    Consider submitting a story or illustration to “Condensed to Flash: World Classics,” an anthology for people who love concise writing that is intense, entertaining and educational. All stories 500 words or fewer.

    Most classics are far from dry and boring stuff that was left to lie half-forgotten on the dusty back shelves of a school or college library. Still, they may lose some of their appeal to busy generations raised with computers and social media. Our anthology to the rescue. While condensed, our stories maintain the essence and allure of the classics while being short, fun, contemporary, engaging and yet deep and witty. Yes, flash literary fiction is even more cool and compelling than zombies, vampires and however many shades of grey are out there.
    This anthology features variations on the themes of world classics, condensed to 500 words or fewer. They are not summaries or CliffsNotes, but literary stories that stand on their own, the way Shakespeare or the Brothers Grimm were “retelling” what was written or told before them.

    As Jules Verne said, “You are going to visit the land of marvels.”

    Submit at http://vestalreview.org

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