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    Jürgen Fauth
    Apr 24, 01:26pm

    Mina Koblitz, heroine of my novel KINO, started a tumblr dedicated to the memory of her grandfather, Klaus "Kino" Koblitz, at http://tulpendiebe.tumblr.com.

    You're invited to participate in the blog and submit writing and artwork inspired by the world of the book. The idea is to use any of the material on the tumblr -- excerpts, characters, locations from the novel, as well as art, film, paintings, and people from the period -- as a jumping-off point for your own fiction or poetry. You can submit work to Mina at mina.koblitz@gmail.com, or simply post it to this group.

    Atticus Books will give away signed copies of KINO for the most exciting submissions received by on May 15, and additionally, every submission will be considered for inclusion in an enhanced multimedia ebook remix version of KINO.

    Feel free to rewrite, remix, reimagine any part of the novel, or create something only tangentially related that's based on the material on the tumblr. Anything you find on Tulpendiebe is a possible starting-off point, and in turn, your work can inspire others.

    Find out more at http://tulpendiebe.tumblr.com/invitation


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