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    Amanda Deo
    Apr 21, 02:09pm

    As you can see, I'm not very good at following up to things such as this group. ha! But, thanks for joining and I hope we can encourage more people to submit to Thunderclap...a giant swimming pool of writers would be nice.

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    Apr 26, 02:00pm

    Amanda: That is a friggin awesome logo you uploaded. Whoever made that graphic is my new best friend.

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    Parker Tettleton
    Apr 27, 11:56am

    The logo is wonderful and the more I think about the name, the more I like it - it's definitely startling, sudden and such but I also like that I see/read/think electric applause...which for me means edgy AND inviting...can't wait to see some Thunderclappers' work here and elsewhere.

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