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    Dorothee Lang
    Nov 22, 03:40am

    Right now, there is a relaunch of "The Workshop" in process - the main idea is to add an extra group: "The Hidden Workshop", which will be private, so that texts can be added and 'workshopped' without having to put them openly online.

    The Hidden Group is functioning already, and it looks like both workshop groups now start to move already.

    I will officially announce the relaunched Workshop at the start of December, if you want to join the place now already, you are welcome ~ just leave a note in the "Doormat" thread of "The Workshop", and you will receive an invite.
    (the workshop story, here: http://www.fictionaut.com/forums/general-forum/threads/74)

    PS: i will be in real life transit this week (Spain!), back end of November - Steve Wing and Susan Gibb are co-admins of the workshop, and will make sure that the door stays open.

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