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    John-Henry Doucette
    Nov 13, 04:23pm

    Hello. I'm new to Fictionaut and hoped to get some feedback on Concessions, which I posted here. I thank you for reading it and critiquing if you have the time. I'm an MFA student at Old Dominion University an d a recovering newspaper reporter. Thank you all. Best, John

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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 19, 09:18am

    Hi John,

    I looked, but can't find your story "Concessions"---

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    John-Henry Doucette
    Feb 07, 06:44pm

    Hello Susan, I'm sorry but I took it down because a Website published it. Sorry for that annoyance, if it was one. If you still want to read it, it can be found at http://www.thetreehousemagazine.com/home/51-fiction/292-new-fiction-concessions.html

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