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    Lynda Montgomery
    Nov 09, 06:09am

    Apologies to all, I am new to fictionaut.
    I don't see any stories here -
    are they all gone? never here?
    has this group/purpose been subsumed by something else?

    I have an unpublished short story (mine all are) that I'd like to have read/workshopped. I am ready to read and comment on 2 before publishing my story here.
    But I can't find the stories.


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    Jürgen Fauth
    Nov 09, 09:36am

    Hi Lynda,
    I set this up when we first started groups -- seemed like a good idea. Plenty of people joined but nobody really used it yet. If you don't mind going first, you should definitely add your story, and hopefully others will follow...

  • Samantha_tossed_leaves_october_2009.thumb
    Lynda Montgomery
    Nov 10, 02:25am

    ok, here goes...
    thanks in advance to the fictionaut world

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