Discussion → is this going to be a working writers workshop? critiques/suggstions/and stuff?

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    Meg Pokrass
    Aug 29, 01:22am

    just curious. Great to see these groups are forming - and it's an exciting time to be here!

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    Jürgen Fauth
    Aug 29, 01:12pm

    I think it could be. There used to be some discussion whether Fictionaut was for showing off previously published stories or for getting feedback on new work, and I always thought it could be both.

    So far, writers used the author's note to say what kind of comments they're looking for, but I think now, we could use groups for that, as well. This one here is meant as a catch-all workshop with a rule to comment on two stories if you add yours here. (Guess the first two stories to be added get a freebie.) Of course, there are dozens of other ways of doing this, so please don't hesitate to form your own group if you have a better idea.

    Oh, that reminds me -- maybe we should have a group for previously published stories, as well?

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