Discussion → Thanks Finnegan!

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    Michael Dickes
    Mar 19, 06:41am

    This challenge produced some really great pieces and I enjoyed every one! Thanks Captain Flawnt and to everyone else!

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    Sam Rasnake
    Mar 19, 10:17pm

    Enjoyed all selections, Finnegan. Glad you started the group.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Mar 20, 01:18am

    hey, michael, how sweet of you! time to begin the search for a new host for 2011 yet? you the man ;-) - sam, thanks for starting the group goes with necessity to susan tepper who made me. stories were, according to the nature of the public group, self-selected, and i have to agree with you, the overall quality is absolutely amazing given that many of these were written for the challenge. i especially like the manliness of many of the stories if i may be permitted to say so under joyce's steady masculine gaze.

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