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    Erin Fitzgerald
    Oct 29, 12:32pm

    We're pleased to introduce a new feature: Northville Notebook. The Notebook will consist of notes from Northville Review contributors that pertain to their work.

    New entries to Northville Notebook appear no earlier than AFTER the month in work is published. We think too many good things are forgotten in literary journal archives. We'll be announcing new Notebook entries as we do new issues.

    Northville Notebook kicks off on Monday, November 2 with ten contributors:

    Jessie Carty
    Molly Gaudry
    Roxane Gay
    Marcelle Heath
    B.J. Hollars
    Kenneth Pobo
    Tom Sheehan
    Jeanne Sirotkin
    J.A. Tyler
    Phoebe Wilcox

    We're excited to share Northville Notebook with you, and hope you'll drop by on November 2!

    (If you are a Northville contributor and didn't receive an invitation to participate, please let me know.)

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    Erin Fitzgerald
    Nov 16, 08:39pm

    New issue will be out tomorrow, featuring work from:

    Kristen Elde
    Elizabeth F. A. Meaney
    Brendan O'Brien
    Valerie O'Rourke
    Peter Rawlings
    Fredrick Zydek

    New additions to Northville Notebook later in the week!

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    Erin Fitzgerald
    Nov 17, 09:11am

    My apologies to Valerie O'Riordan. I make a transcription error in one place, and apparently it follows me everywhere.

    Also...now I have a Fictionaut features request: edit group posts! And another request: caffeine.

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    Erin Fitzgerald
    Dec 15, 07:47pm

    Northville's final issue for 2009 will be out tomorrow, featuring work from:

    Cortney Bledsoe
    Jimmy Chen
    William Doreski
    Eric V. Neagu
    Timothy Raymond
    Lucy Vader
    and two inside jokes, explained by Kim Douglas

    Thanks for a great year, everyone...looking forward to 2010!

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