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    John Gorman
    Jul 16, 11:45am

    Hello all,

    My name is John Gorman. This is my first threaded discussion. The name of your group piqued my curiosity. Platform has a stage-quality to it, but also smacks of Web 2.0 jargon-- the platform you build to find your readership. Maybe I didn't nail the impetus behind this name and that's cool too, but I wanted to share my experience with you. I have decided not to put my second novel into the hands of an agent or my present publisher. I have elecetd to upgrade from blogger to wordpress and have been sharing, day-to-day my entries for my sophomore novel entitles Girma Dali. I have actaully encouraged feedback and asked readers to offer suggestions, plot twists, character additions and I will add them in. In this way, I am weaving together a collective narrative. Please, feel free to drop in at


    I have also posted a few chapters here at Fictionaut

    I plan to become more involved in commentary and discussions.

    John Gorman

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