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  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 06:44pm

    The Social Conservative Wing of the Republican Party does not like Romney.

    The Fiscal Conservative Wing of the Republican Party does not like Romney.

    So who does that leave?
    The Wall Street Republcians of course. So I have to wonder if he is honestly going to close these corporate loop holes that he says he is going to close.

    But sooner or later Romney is going to have to give specifics about which tax loopholes he CLAIMS he is going to shut.
    Otherwise it appears that he is lying once again. Maybe he has learned that his flip flops are less obvious when he does not give specifics, so after 10 years of campaigning for POTUS he has perfected the art of doing alot of talking but not saying a God damned thing! I saw David Gregory ask him THREE times to give even one specific tax loop hole that he would close and Romney turned into Patches O'Houliha nreciting the five D's of Dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dive, dip...and dodge...


  • ed wagemann
    Sep 11, 03:42am

    ROmney is not being square with us.
    Not only is Flip refusing to tell us which loop holes he will close. He also refuses to tell his role with Bain. AND he refuses to release his taxes.

    Why would anyone vote for a guy who will not give any specifics about how he is going to fix things.
    I mean you seriously have to be the dullest Partisan Hack in the stack to be dumb enough to say, "Gee Flip, You say you can fix the economy, but you can't tell us HOW until we elect you. Okay, that sounds good to me!"
    You know Dick Nixon used the EXACT SAME FUCKING TACTIC in 1968 in dealing with the War in Vietnam. He promised he could fix the war, but he couldn't tell us how until after we elected him... And Boy, that worked out just great, didn't it???

    In fact, the more I learn about Flipper, the more he resembles nothing more than a better-looking version of Tricky Dick Nixon. And the LAST thing this country needs is another one of those...

  • ed wagemann
    Sep 11, 03:55pm

    Romney claims that he gives the full details of his "magical plan" on his website.

    Wrong. I went ther to look and there is not ONE specific corporate loop hole there that he claims he is going to close.

    Obviously Romney is using the Nixon Strategy*

    Romney has no coice but to use the Nixon Strategy because in actuallity he doesnt REALLY have any magical plan. If elected he would just double down on trickle down - and even though Reagan got away with this vood doo economics, you cannot fool the AMerican people twice. Romney knows the American people are not oing to buy the trickle down snake oil this time around, so he has no choice but to go with the Nixon Strategy:
    "I havet his great secret plan, my fellow AMericans. See how rich I am? Obviously I know how to make money. AN dI wil do the same for you. ONly I can't tell you how and I can't give you any details until you send a check or money order for$99.99 to my "Dare T Be Stupid" pyramid sceme..."

    Come on, does he really think 50% of AMerica is THAT stupid???

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