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  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 03:55am

    Upon becoming elgible for the draft Romney heads to France for two and a half years, living in a castle with servants. Through connections of his father George, the governor of Michigan, Romney secures FOUR deferments so that he doesn't have to serve his country in Vietnam.
    ~Romney 1967-1968

    "It was not my desire to go off and serve in Vietnam, but nor did I take any actions to remove myself from the pool of young men who were eligible for the draft."
    ~Romney 1994

    "I longed in many respects to actually be in Vietnam and be representing our country there, and in some ways it was frustrating not to feel like I was there as part of the troops that were fighting in Vietnam."
    ~Romney 2007

  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 04:01am

    to further insult the military, in an interview with Fox News today, Romney actually tells Brett Baire that the troops "Aren't important"!!!
    And this is why he did not mention the troops or recognize their sacrifice during the Republican Convention.


  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 03:58pm

    I've been in the Air Force for 16 years and I've been overseas. Obama has actually visited my base a couple of times, while Flip Romney wont even give a nod of appreciation to us during the Republican National Convention! He is obviously one of those low-lifes who are the first to yell "rah-rah, lets go invade Iran!" Or "lets go kill muslims" but is the last to ever ACTUALLY put his ass on the line. He thinks singing the national anthem or putting a bumper sticker on his car makes him Patriotic. BULL CRAP!!!
    He protested in FAVOR of Vietnam, but then ran off to France when he was elgible to be drafted and fight in Vietam. He got FOUR frickin deferments and now 40 years later he says how frustrated he was that he never got to go fight in Vietnam.
    What. A. Scumbag!
    If RIghties dont start opening their eyes and seeing this, then they have no one to blame but themselves!!!


    ROmney on F0X News saying that the troops arent important enough to mention at the Repulbican COnvention:


  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 05:24pm

    Romney's senior advisors are now saying that it wasn't necessary to thank troops at convention:



  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 05:43pm

    And just to be clear, I'm not upset that Romney never served in the military. What gets me upset is that he went out of his way NOT to serve and THEN has the temerity to say he didnt try to avoid the draft and that he was actualy frustrated that he couldnt go to Vietnam to fight. Enough with the lies and bullshirt from this scumbag already!!!

  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 07:45pm

    I realize that the military is not for everyone. I joined the air force in 1996 not out of any sense of partriotic duty, but because I wanted some adventure. That said, whenever I have been called upon to put service before self, I have done so.

    Romney's disresepctful snub of the military during the Republiclan Convention was something that I shrugged off. I didnt really expect anything at all from his ilk in the way of recognizing our brave troops. But what I can not shrug off is his LIES.
    I can not just look the other way when he whines about how frustrated he was that he couldnt go to Vietnam and fight when the FACT is that he ran off to hide in France for 2 and a half years in a castel with servents the minute he became elgible to be drafted AND THEN he secured FOUR deferments thanks to his Governor daddy's connections.

    So without further ado, I dedicate this song to Flip:


  • ed wagemann
    Sep 10, 09:48pm

    Mitt Romney's War On Vets:

    Some of you may not remember George Romney's derogatory remarks about the military Generals in Vietnam. Remarks he made while he was actually the leading Republican candidate for the 1968 nomination. He said the Generals had tried to brainwash him. At that time these comments by George Romney, who had been 34 years old when WWII broke out and had not seen fit to serve in WWII, did nto go ever well with Right wing voters. In fact these comments are cited as having cost him the Republican nomination.

    Meanwhile, as George was accusing the military generals of brainwashing him and falling inthe polls because of it, his son Mitt had become elgible for the military draft. Mitt immediately ran off to France, where he lived in a castle and was waited on by servants. Over the next two and a half years Mitt secured FOUR deferments so that he would not have to serve in the military - even though years later he claims he never tried to get out of going to Vietnam and that he in fact was frustrated that he could go to Vietnam and fight.

    Since that time, Mitt has not only shown the same disdain for the military that his father had, but has publicly disrespected the military time after time. Most recently he refused to even acknowledge our military heroes during the Republican National Convention. He is also trying to prevent 90,000 Ohio veterans from registering to vote in Nov 2012.

    For more on Mitt Romney's War On Veterans:


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