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  • Red.thumb
    Erin Zulkoski
    Mar 27, 07:23pm

    Dearest Fictionaughties:

    If you know someone who you think is Fictionaughty material, let me know and I'll add their ass!

    Also, apologies to people who might have received multiple invites. I have a bad memory and can't remember who has already joined, so sorry for the redundancy!


  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Mar 29, 04:48am

    Meg Tuite falls into this category

  • Dark.thumb
    Mar 29, 05:06pm

    Yeah, yeah, Meg!

  • Dark.thumb
    Mar 29, 05:18pm

    Also I'm thinking Shelagh Power Chopra.

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