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    Frederick Barthelme
    Jul 03, 01:32am

    The hundreds of threads below are no longer current, despite the notation regarding the number of months previous they were started. Please write the management and tell the management that it needs the full date on all threads, meaning day, month, year. In that way the many hundreds of threads here on blipmagazine.net and elsewhere will be properly sorted and useful to the throngs.

    Meanwhile, why is no one attacking anyone here, in spite of the editorial encouragement to do so? Seems to us that the minimum participation of the thousands of subscribers to blipmagazine.net would be at least one attack per annum, and that failure to supply same should be prosecuted by some means yet to be determined by us, the management.

    Meg is really the management, in case you were wondering. I am not now nor have I ever been the management. That this isn't even my real name either.

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    Meg Pokrass
    Jul 03, 05:06am


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    Meg Pokrass
    Jul 03, 07:13am

    Yes, it does feel like a baby shrimp party!

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    James Robison
    Jul 03, 01:03pm

    No fascistic brown shirt management is going to wrangle any rat words out of ME and you can take that to the bank of money!
    Every wordgob spitballed to the walls of Fnaut dances on the ceilings of delight
    as far as I'm concerned.

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    Meg Pokrass
    Jul 03, 04:16pm

    Yes to all. And it is nearly the 4th of July! And I am a happy camper in a dangerous land again, as long as I am part of this star-gazing party with the two of you. And I am wearing my flag shirt for us. OK i like to be star-gazing with smart men who get it. Does that make me bad? You're damn right it does!

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    W.F. Lantry
    Jul 03, 07:45pm

    I am perfectly willing to attack. I just need longer range rockets. Please send updated boosters! VIVA ZAPATA!

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    Susan Tepper
    Jul 16, 04:17pm

    You'd all piss your pants if suddenly all the "views" that go "uncommented" were suddenly commented on! HA!
    In the spirit of this group, I've put Idiotsky here for you to hang, knife, bomb, decapitate, throw acid at...

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    Elizabeth Hegwood
    Jul 27, 03:35pm

    You may all attack me. Because I am Serious about Life. You shrimps! Why do you think it's called mARTyr?

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