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    Nov 15, 06:54pm

    <a href="http://www.stymiemag.com/2010/11/its-alive.html">Stymie Autumn/Winter 2010</a> features:

    Fiction from Kevin Wilson -- with this issue's modern classic reprint, "Birds in the House," Joel Van Noord, Fred Venturini, Ajay Vishwanathan, Greg Gerke, Mark Cugini, Ben Nickol, Janey Smith, Michelle Falkoff, Scott Akalis, Clay Marcum, Robin Slick, Brendan O'Brien and Jason DiGioia.

    Poetry from the likes of Joey Nicoletti, Ben Clark, Gale Acuff, Jeremy Byar, E.R. Carlin, Chris Mulrooney, Norah Vawter, Thomas Cochran, Rachel Furey, and closing out the issue a piece from Louie Crew.

    Nonfiction by Ann Beman, David Brennan, Marc Gulezian, Cameron Conaway, Tamara Shores, Jenifer Hemphill and Ariel Dreyer.

    And last but not least, the issue features some amazing artwork by Aaron Jasinski (cover) and Jennifer Lewis (feature art).

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