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    Danny Goodman
    Jan 30, 05:38pm

    It's here! A special all poetry mini-issue of Stymie Magazine for Winter 2012: The Poetry Supplement. Read and share this just-released, gorgeous issue.


    Contributors include:
    Dana Yost's “Bending Einstein”
    Elijah Burrell's “Final Triumphs”
    Kevin Vaughn's “Home Opener”
    Heather Wyatt's “Driving Blind in the Ozarks”
    Maria Nazos's “Confessions of a Nam Amputee to the Archaeologist”
    J. Bradley's “How to Fight a Biter”
    Erin Elizabeth Smith's “Eruzione”
    Donna Lee's “To Wake Us”
    Rick Marlatt's “Tetris” and "Morning Duty"
    M. Clara White's “He Watches”
    B.J. Jones's “Gutterball” and “My Chucks are Grey Hightops”
    Matthew Lippman's “Be Bobby Riggs,” “Commoner Baseball Blues,” and “Field of Marigold”
    Del Doughty's “How to Pick a Melon” and “Grace to the Learned”
    Chad Redden's “Cattle Barn”
    Rachel Marsom Richmond's “She Pulled Out the Razor”
    Tyler Gobble's “Charming”
    Molly Sutton Kiefer's “Derby”
    Ed Coletti's “Boxing With Poet David Madgalene” and “Synchronicity of Sport and Sex”
    Charlie Gadol's “A Friend”

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