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    David Ackley
    Jan 26, 06:27pm

    Maybe it would be helpful if you'd post the reason why you see this group as different from the older group called " The Longer Story."

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    Judith A. Lawrence
    Jan 26, 07:11pm


    With apologies to Gary, I can't explain
    why,(as I search for Groups to join and
    post my stories, but I was entirely
    unaware of the other Group, "The Longer Story."

    Perhaps it's true the longer stories
    are not often rising to the front pages.

    Now, since our two stories are posted, I will have to figure on how to make this Group in some way different. Is it possible to change the title?

  • Creative_eye.thumb
    Judith A. Lawrence
    Jan 26, 07:42pm

    Well, I've just asked and answered my own question.

  • S._tepper--nov--lighter.thumb
    Susan Tepper
    Jan 28, 04:46pm

    Judith, I like this group. Will post soon. Kathy Fish has sent you a very appropriate story, I can vouch that it is def a strange tale! Strange and wonderful!

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