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    David Erlewine
    Oct 17, 03:20pm

    hey all, i got in touch with Matt the Editor about this but wanted to check in. I cannot seem to leave comments from the computers I try (at home and, uh, at another place I tried). I don't see a "yellow submit" box or anything, as Matt said I should. Is anyone else having trouble commenting? Obviously not everyone is as there are comments on some stories but I've tried leaving comments on Meg's, Nick's and Cami's stories without luck. I see the boxes for my name, e-mail and comment but then don't see a submit box. David

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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 29, 09:22am

    Ah, short and sweet is good; looking for concise, compact, and brevity is best. Yet, sometimes we still need the http:// in front of www.staccatofiction.com.

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