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    Dave Clapper
    Aug 28, 03:46pm

    I'm not sure if you actually have to be an administrator to add stories to a group, but if not, please consider adding your stories published in SmokeLong to the stories here.

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    Dave Clapper
    Aug 28, 03:48pm

    (I ask because I can't add stories by other folks, or if I can, I'm not sure how...)

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Aug 28, 03:51pm

    Anybody who's a member of a group can add stories and post to the group discussion. We're thinking about adding a way to request that a story be added to a group, but for now you could work around that by sending a message to the writer or leaving a comment on the story. You can invite people to join the group with the "invite someone" link at the bottom of the right column.

    Now I just wish I'd had a story in SLQ so I could add it!

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