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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Aug 05, 10:00pm

    Penny Goring generously handed over the mantle. I'm assuming FMLe is still co-administrator with me. My own refined definition of the group, in keeping I hope with the original intent, is this:

    Group Description

    Looking for writing with rawness. Raw energy, raw emotions, raw experience. No holding back. Writing you may feel uncomfortable posting elsewhere.

    Stories of trauma, madness, PTSD, mental illness, disabilities, cancer, crime, drugs, prostitution, loss, death and dying, war, murder and anything you can think of that is taboo. Whatever feels dark, raw and immediate but you feel compelled to write. Take a risk, writer and write it. The best writing is writing that takes risks.

    -- Gloria Garfunkel

    If you've been an inactive member, now's the time to get active again and post. It's always exciting to have a constantly shifting main page of great stories. New member are encouraged to join as well.

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