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    John Minichillo
    Oct 16, 09:38pm

    The challenge ends November 30th.

    There is no word limit for this month's challenge, min or max.

    This month there is only one requirement to qualify: somewhere in the story there must be a reference to a gift certificate for sky diving.

    All stories for the group are public and will also be seen on the Fn main page.

    As per the rules of the group, the winner of the November challenge gets to make the rules for the December challenge, and so it goes, etc, ad infinitum...

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    Susan Gibb
    Nov 24, 06:40am

    Loved your story,John, and I'm not trying to usurp your first place on this--more like I'm trying to ensure it!

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    John Minichillo
    Dec 01, 01:09pm

    The winner of the November Story Challenge is Susan Gibb's "Aliens."

    Look for Susan's challenge for December. Thank you to all participants.

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