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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Aug 07, 09:56am

    THIS is a dilemma I am struggling with myself, having written a nearly seven thousand word story that almost no one read, that i am now in the process of chopping into eight flash fiction self-contained but serial pieces. Truthfully, when I see part one or two or chapter this or except that on fictionaut, I glaze over and skip it, so I can't blame anyone for skipping mine. Still, I feel there has to be a way to make it separate little stories because that's what I believe in, that's my writer identity now and that long story was written long ago. Should there be a separate group for serials and omit them from short ficton groups? I think yes. What do others think?

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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Aug 10, 07:55am

    I've started a serial flash workshop group for "chapters" and "sections" to give them more continuity and separate them from regular stories. They are not in the same category, in my opinion.

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    Elizabeth Kate Switaj
    Apr 10, 08:42pm

    I think it depends. If each part of the serial stands on its own, then each is a work of flash fiction. I've usually found in my own writing practice that this works best when each piece tells the story from a different perspective.

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