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    Dorothee Lang
    Dec 27, 11:51am

    today i came across a database of translated books published in the US in 2009.

    here the numbers:
    "In 2009 there were 348 total titles published (283 fiction, 65 poetry). The most translated language in 2009 was Spanish (59 books), followed by French (51), German (31), Arabic (22), Italian (18), Japanese (18), Swedish (18), Russian (12), and Norwegian (11)." - University of Rochester

    and here the article:

    the spreadsheet is embedded in the article as excel spreadsheet, it lists details of all translated titles.

    database link:

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    Dorothee Lang
    Dec 27, 11:54am

    (ignore the "database link" at the end - i looked for a direct database link, but there doesn't seem to be one)

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