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    Replacement Press
    Nov 12, 09:32am

    From the Replacement Press blog (replacementpress.wordpress.com):

    We are proud to announce Replacement Press’s very first title, to be published in March 2010. It’s called If You Lived Here, You’d Already Be Home, and it’s a collection of short stories by John Jodzio.

    John lives in Minneapolis, and is a recent recipient of a Loft-McKnight Fellowship. He’s been published in such journals as One Story, Rake Magazine, The Florida Review, and in a number of online journals, including McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Twelve Stories, and Monkey Bicycle.

    As for the stories themselves: well, they’re sometimes sad, sometimes hopeful, always poignant, and always--this was the major selling point for us--funny. You’ll recognize a little bit of George Saunders here, a dash of Raymond Carver there, but ultimately the stories demonstrate a quirky, edgy voice that is completely original and John’s very own. If You Lived Here, You’d Already Be Home is John’s first published book, and we’re proud to make it ours as well.

    Between now and March we’ll have at least one chance for you to read a story in the collection free of charge, some chances to win a free copy, and--who knows?--maybe even some cool If You Lived Here, You’d Already Be Home swag. So stay tuned, and if you haven’t already, now might be a good time to follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or sign up for our e-newsletter.

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