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    Meg Pokrass
    Dec 11, 11:38pm

    I'm not like a pro at this stuff. All i know is how to film myself reading, and how to read my stories - and now I'm reading some other people's stories. I do know how much I love this, and how much I believe it humanizes our words.

    What i don't know is ANYTHING TECHNICAL! Thought I should just lay it out here. If any of you really have some experience in the technical aspects of multimedia work, let me know - we will pick your brains!

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    Andrew Bowen
    Dec 12, 02:19pm

    I'll join the confession Meg. I filmed myself on my webcam yesterday and have no idea what to expect/do with it. Tried loading it on YouTube but it was taking so long to load that I thought I was doing something wrong. What sort of load times should I expect? And does anyone have experience placing video on a web page?

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    J├╝rgen Fauth
    Dec 12, 02:26pm

    Video files tend to get big fast, Andrew, so you'll want to be patient with the upload, depending on your connection. YouTube also has a way to record straight from your webcam -- I don't know what the quality is like but it might be worth trying: http://www.youtube.com/my_webcam

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    Meg Pokrass
    Dec 12, 05:14pm

    I make the videos using my computer w/ a built in camera: Photobooth on Mac. That is all i know. Then I upload on Youtube or Vimeo - it takes forever and slows the computers down.

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Dec 13, 12:39pm

    I am not a pro, either.

    Loading to YouTube: It depends on the computer if it slows it down, or not, a faster cpu w/ more on-board memory will not show any appreciable slow down.

    I use a desktop pc w/ a webcam and separate mic and Windows Movie Maker to edit (free software, though it does not easily allow for a separate edit of the audio) and then I convert the resulting film into an mp4 before I upload it to either YouTube or to Facebook.

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    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 13, 01:53pm

    i'm much like gabriel...except on a mac. i'm thinking bout experimenting with blender (open source free animation software) and i use the mac equivalent of camtasia, iShowU to make screen movies. this allows me (current top of my techiness) to change images in the course of a reading. since i am shy by nature, i don't do what meg does. also, i live in a computer so i don't have a messy bedroom nearly as charming as hers.

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    Meg Pokrass
    Dec 14, 01:25am

    you live in a computer?

  • Ken%20xmas%20hat.thumb
    Gabriel Orgrease
    Dec 14, 07:29pm


    We are all of us shy, that is why we use masks. The 'art' is in how we adjust our mask to provide the mimesis of not shy.

    A truly wonderful thing about the internets is that we can invent ourselves to the world.

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    Andrew Bowen
    Dec 15, 12:42am


    I also have Movie Maker. Does changing a recorded video to an mp4 hasten the load time on YouTube and, if so, where is the option for mp4 conversion located in Movie Maker?

    Thanks all.

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    Gabriel Orgrease
    Dec 15, 07:14am


    There is no option in MovieMaker to export to an MP4. I use another program for that. The program I use was one that I bought. I have recently played a bit with this free software though that you might try: http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/

    I have not timed loads to YouTube w/ variations, the MP4 makes for a smaller file though than the WMV that MovieMaker will export as a default to on a 'to this computer' setting.

    The MP4s do seem to load onto Facebook with less glitches.

    Eventually I intend to get around to loading various vids onto my iPod... so for me at least the habit of converting them keeps the end goal in mind.

    Your choices though will depend on where you want to get to with your material.


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