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  • Flawntnewsmall.thumb
    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 11, 01:59am

    what a great idea, meg, to open fictionaut up to voice! i've followed your own podcasts for a while and i'll be delighted to put up my own little pieces.

    i denied myself the use of voice for too long as a means of appreciation and editing support. last night, i read "The Vessel" (just put up here in stories) out loud and almost choked when trying to read lines of a drunk german aristocrat. figures - noblesse oblige.

    so glad to be here and looking forward to listening, not just reading!

  • Fictionaut.thumb
    Meg Pokrass
    Dec 11, 11:12am

    wonderful! indeed, your voice is wonderful, i have heard it and loved it. It works, it humanizes your work, it rocks!

  • Flawntnewsmall.thumb
    Finnegan Flawnt
    Dec 11, 11:40am

    thank you, meg...happy to give that compliment back! (not without imbibing it first.)

  • Raven.thumb
    Andrew Bowen
    Dec 11, 11:43am

    Something I'd like to get into on a few levels. Hope to learn a thing or two here from da mastas!

  • Ken%20xmas%20hat.thumb
    Gabriel Orgrease
    Dec 14, 07:32pm

    I am a peon.

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