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    Cynthia Reeser
    Nov 23, 09:16pm

    I really enjoyed this discussion with Meg Pokrass on writing, triggers, and more.

    Give it a listen, and let me know what you think! This being our first go at a 'cast, I'm open to suggestions. I hope you all enjoy.


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    Sam Rasnake
    Nov 23, 09:54pm

    Really enjoyed this, Cynthia. Very effective. The focus of your questions allowed Meg to cover so much on the writing process. Glad to hear her read a story as well.

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    Meg Pokrass
    Nov 23, 11:43pm

    Cynthia, what an amazing experience. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Cynthia Reeser
    Nov 24, 12:27pm

    Thanks so much, Sam. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. It was a treat for me as well.

    Meg, thanks again for participating. It was a great opportunity for me as well, and I think, adds a wonderful element to the journal. We're happy to have you with us!

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