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  • Fictionaut.thumb
    Meg Pokrass
    Dec 19, 12:35am

    Freewrite words: lizard, bath, later, toiletpaper, bus, blues, mm hmm, crickets, frisky, cash, spot, may, gum, eggnog, spa, verbal, pool, bars, rich, strange, bits

  • Abczartgeeeeee.thumb
    Misti Rainwater-Lites
    Jan 13, 01:37am

    Later, things got a bit frisky in the
    eggnog bath. Bits of verbal gum
    stuck in her rich nutmeg hair.
    She was tired of the bars, riding
    the toiletpaper blues bus across
    the southern states, needing cash
    on the spot but only having
    crickets in her shoes and a
    strange lizard tattoo above
    her ass to show for her troubles.
    Mmhmm he was an odd one, all jab
    and grab, spitting out stories
    of May-December dalliances past
    while guiding her giggling hand
    to his penis. She took his spit as spa
    as baptism as affirmation of her
    Easter chick charms.

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