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    Darryl Price
    Sep 18, 12:25pm

    What poets do is burn pieces of their soul against the inevitable tide of earthly life. It ends up making a sound. If a poet is lucky it is a beautiful sound. If that poet is blessed it becomes a song between all hearts and the one.This could be described as a state of Grace. I don't have to explain this mystery to you. It is love, for want of a better word. Poets do this because we want them to and because they can't help themselves. They are for better or worse addicted to those words and the search for the perfect combination of words to make a true connection to the ultimate sound, the boom of all of us at once being all that. And again plugging that into the earphones of what you might call God,Goddess if you are so inclined. It's a great big sometimes painful 'hello' into the void to ask the obvious question: why are we here? What is our purpose? How are we useful? The flowers answer this question every time they keep right on growing through all the falling bombs. The stars answer this question every
    time they appear to shine. People answer this question any time they make a choice or choose a path. There are as many answers as there are souls and yet there is only one honest answer. Poets try to remind us of this funny paradox because it's important to remember to laugh. They say the painful things too because it is important not to shut down to our own deepest feelings. Life is full of surprises sprinkled in among the mundane experiences of day to day living. If a poet is successful at what he or she does that poet will express us all through their poetry. We are included by the very nature of the act of poetry. That doesn't mean we don't tell anger or frustration or any other emotion it means we always connect it to the larger more profound meaning of being here now.As human beings.So it's okay to be sad, to write sad things when you feel them really speaking to you. And it's okay to let go of any thing dragging you down. Poets want to be the music of the universe. It's certainly played through them, but it's also played through each and every one of us in our own way.That's where your power as poets comes from. You. Right from you.

    Darryl P.

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