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    Sam Rasnake
    Feb 28, 03:02am

    The Art of Un-Conscious Loving, after an Ad in Yellow Silk

    (for EB)

    Believe in an art
    of un-conscious loving
    of a distance so silent and soft

    that no thing matters...
    an art so conscious of un-loving
    that ... (no that can't be)

    Believe in a loving
    so un-silent that
    no soft art matters

    Believe in a thing
    so loving
    in a distance

    in a soft silent way
    Believe that no one art masters
    no one loving matters

    that there is a thing
    so silent...an art so loving
    no one matters
    Believe that art no one masters

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    Catherine Davis
    Feb 28, 03:32am

    Ballpark? Ballpark?!! Are you kidding? OUT of it!
    Un-conscious loving is certainly IT. Love (!) the twists to conscious un-loving and on to un-silent, and... Ends with this belief = X happens! Art, no one masters.

    'of a distance so silent and soft' sings so that I want to repeat it over and over (so I do.) And I love the imprint of yellow silk upon the poem.

    Beautiful. Thank you so much for lending it here.

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    Susan Tepper
    Mar 02, 10:52am

    why isn't this poem posted as a regular posting? it's too gorgeous to be hidden in this little corner.

  • Frankenstein-painting_brenda-kato.thumb
    Sam Rasnake
    Mar 02, 07:59pm

    Susan, I try never post unpublished work on the main wall. It's my religion.

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