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    Catherine Davis
    Feb 27, 07:32am

    Thank you intrepideers for taking it! Now drumming the fingers of one hand, while biting the nails of the other - whose brilliance is going to fly into open field first?

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    Susan Tepper
    Feb 27, 10:28am

    The group image is great, I love the contrast of the buildings (one seems grand, one in dark shadow disrepair), was this taken around
    Wall Street area?

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    Catherine Davis
    Feb 27, 05:19pm

    Thanks, Susan. Glad to hear - choosing was a real decision.

    This is actually west 20's in 2006 - now it dawns on me that it may just be the old Annex back lot (26th St?) - from the sorely missed flea market on Sixth Avenue! (Double pang if this is true, and a definite slip by me! Hell's Kitchen rendition simply doesn't hold a candle... I always think: they paved my parking lot and put up paradise - NOT!) I'll verify and report back as soon as I can get by there.

    Anyway: SNOW PARKING! (Perhaps sounds more pun than parapraxis, but whadda ya gonna do?

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