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    Meg Pokrass
    May 21, 01:50pm

    Oh this literary business is tricky to say the least. Just because a story is available... it doesn't mean it is available to YOUR publication. We all know this, but hate to speak of it.

    This whole thing is like trying to find a date for the prom! It is like... the shuffle dance... at best. Let us all try to love each other! Hm. Well, that may be a bit lofty... How about this... let us all, at least, try and empathize with each other!

    So, that being said, i think things are going well so far!

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    Barry Basden
    May 23, 08:51am

    This is a rather ominous post and I wonder why, among other things, you felt the need for it.

    Have some of the stories here been taken without permission of the authors and posted elsewhere?

    Also, there is 'This is a public group.Anyone can see it and join.' I suppose that means that posting a story here would, in some editors' eyes, make it, in fact, PUBLISHED and ineligible for their publications.

    Of course, CPR is not that way at all. :-)

    Just sayin....

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    Meg Pokrass
    Jul 18, 08:56pm

    No surprises here. Just saying what is, is. Once a piece is accepted, the piece can be made "private" and then nobody can see it except the author.

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