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    Chris Kubica
    Nov 11, 03:22pm

    Anyone who knows me from my old literary magazine editor days knows that I like reading realistic, slice of life work. One of the problems with literature, these days, especially poetry, is that is is too "deep" and/or abstract.

    I take the philosophy of Garrison Keillor in his Good Poems collections: a good poem (or any creative work, I say) is one that is memorable. To be memorable. I don't think people remember abstract concepts nearly as well as down-to-earth, accessible art.

    I love Nicholson Baker, who takes slice-of-life fiction and illuminating the world's minutiae to the extreme, but you get the idea.

    So for instance, I'm more drawn to a 20-line poem about grampa's hat than I am to a 20-line poem about all of grampa. See?

    Happy writing!


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