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    Jul 21, 06:00am

    Salon Zine, the online magazine that accompanies the Sunday Salon (a monthly NYC reading series run by some friends of mine from grad school) -- is running a special theme issue that might be of interest to group members:

    Please see details, below (cut and pasted from a recent personal email)


    Before you head to the beach or take off for vacation, please consider submitting your prose and/or poetry for the upcoming summer/fall issue of SalonZine themed "Spill". You know, stories or poetry about spills of all kinds: oil, beans, emotion, etc. (things that get out of control, that we try to control, that control us...)

    The deadline: August 7, 2010.

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    Susan Tepper
    Jul 21, 10:05am

    Sara, thanks so much for your posting.
    Sundaysalon is a terrific zine, I've known Nita and Caroline, the co-editors, for a long time. They are socially/politicially conscious women, so it doesn't surprise me that they would take on an oil theme for the issue.

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    Susan Gibb
    Jul 22, 09:26am

    Their submission page states that they're not accepting submissions at this time--are you sure it's still open?

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    Susan Tepper
    Jul 22, 02:28pm

    Susan, why not send them an email, they should have a contact address on the site, then you'll know for sure

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    Susan Gibb
    Jul 22, 03:17pm

    Thanks, Susan, I might do that, but on the other hand, I'm losing that first excitement over finishing a story and I think they'll get much, much better than this.

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