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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 09, 01:53am

    As writers, we have power. We need to use it.

    I am not, by nature, a political man. Never have been. I vote. I speak my mind when it's necessary, but mostly I prefer to go about my life in peace. I enjoy solitude. I would rather walk in the woods, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and listen to the myriad voices there, to the silence, to the wind that shakes the leaves than to carry on a conversation or sit in a roomful of people. I believe that many writers are like that.

    There have been times in my life when I have aligned myself with political movements of one kind or another. I've been to anti-war demonstrations as a veteran. I've stood with fellow workers in picket lines during labor disputes, one that lasted nearly 12 months. I've stood together in unity with other people for many causes that I believed were just and necessary, though they were not always popular and to do so came at personal risk.

    I believe that we are seeing in Occupy Wall Street and other, similar movements throughout the country, a new and necessary movement for change.

    I believe that I have a responsibility to lend my voice and my person to a cause that I believe is just and I've begun to do so.

    If you want to express solidarity with those who have placed themselves on the line for an idea, this would be a good place to begin.

    I would ask anyone who puts a story or a poem here to ask themselves first if this is a work that expresses solidarity with OWS, that does not exploit or ridicule the movement.

    If it agrees with the movement, feel free to post your work.

    If not. If you are critical of the movement, then find another forum. There are many.

    I hope you will join me. The louder the voice, the farther it will travel.

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    Thomas Pluck
    Nov 11, 04:29pm

    Hell yes. It is about time we spoke up.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 12, 12:59am

    You may want to consider the larger and well known list of writers aligned with OWS at the web site:


    It's an impressive list and I don't personally feel worthy, but some of you have published books and may want to get on there.

    Thanks for joining up. Showing up is a start.

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    Neil Serven
    Nov 12, 03:18am

    I’m honestly not sure if my story fits with the spirit of the group. I support OWS, but that had nothing to do, really, with why I wrote it. It’s not a political story. It’s about middle-class folks who walk away from their jobs to follow their ideals but then get distracted with individual pursuits once they are there. I suppose if anything it might be construed as loving teasing meant to add a dash of perspective. I would settle for that.

    I’ve added it to the group, but if it doesn’t fit, say the word and I’ll yank it.

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    James Lloyd Davis
    Nov 12, 09:32am

    Neil, it feels right.

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