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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Apr 02, 03:35pm

    We live in history, says one.
    We're flies on the hide of Leviathan, says another.

    Either way, says one,
    fears and losses.

    And among losses, says another,
    the special places our own roads were to lead to.

    Our deaths, says one.
    That's right, says another,
    Now it's to be a mass death.

    Mass graves, says one, are nothing new.
    No, says another, but this time there'll be no graves,
    all the dead will lie where they fall.

    Except, says one, those that burn to ash.
    And are blown in the fiery wind, says another.

    How can we live in this fear? Says one.
    From day to day, says another.

    I still want to see, says one,
    where my own road's going.

    I want to live, says another, but where can I live
    if the world is gone?

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    Gloria Garfunkel
    Apr 02, 03:36pm

    Also resonates for me with The Road by Cormac McCarthy

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    Sam Rasnake
    Apr 02, 03:36pm

    Absolutely connects with The Road. Yes.

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