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    Ann Bogle
    Jul 29, 11:41pm

    I just added "Hooker" to this group. I took it out of Fictionaut hiding, were it has remained posted as "private." In fact, it has been published, in Thrice Fiction, so it doesn't really belong in this group. I am looking at my list of available (unpub'd) stories and not detecting a lot of flash on it. I guess most of my flash is separately pub'd.

    I typed a list called "Stories from TWB [collection title] not separately published."

    The subcategories of the list are: "Stories in defunct journals online," "Stories in very small journals offline," "Stories pub'd in non-journals online, such as edited blogs," "Stories not yet published as expected (forthcoming)," "Stories published only in part," "Stories published only in e-chapbooks," "Stories only at blogs including Fictionaut," "Other stories not included in TWB."

    Ninety-one Fictionaut story postings to date, including stories, poems, essays, revisions, prose poems, flash fictions, cut-ups, collaborations, 20 viewable. My unpublished long collection of stories (PROSE, STORY) contains 99 entries in four groupings that are alphabetized within groupings that are chronological, so the first three groups fall under 1985-1999 (200 or so pp.), and the fourth grouping falls under 2000-2012 (200 or so pp.). Together, 435 pp., but since it is unlikely to find a publisher via contests where I have sent it, it may go through further revision in design.

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    Ann Bogle
    Jul 30, 08:13pm

    "Hooker" is not in this group, but I'll leave it available on my page and try to think of a very short (<500) to send to this group that has not been published separately and/or in an echapbook.

    I am working without much feedback in the attempt to publish a volume of short stories of various types and genres (described above) that mixes or alternates lengths as well as types of prose narrative.

    I have no plan to self-publish. If no publisher wants it, then it will not be a book. But the mixing of genres and lengths has excited me since '91 at least.

    Lydia Davis visited our school in Houston. I asked her, boldly, at the Q & A (a long story about meeting a short storyist) how she managed to get Break It Down published, and she replied that she had been working (writing) for a long time before it happened, and she had been translating French literature and knew people.

    My teacher, JR, discovered a week before Davis' arrival to campus that I didn't know who she was and hadn't read her book, but I had written that semester a story not terribly unlike her stories called "What Kiss" about the Gulf War as it played on the street in Houston, published in '93 in Gulf Coast.

    I had missed discovering Davis in '88 when Break It Down came out because I was working all hours at a regional newspaper in upstate New York as wire editor.

    I read her book the week of her visit to campus. It became a permanent favorite among story collections.

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