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    Ann Bogle
    Aug 17, 11:07pm

    Which uncle should I call? I have great uncles, many, Sheldon and Tut come first to mind, I ought to call them in the beyond. Dr. Ed (M.D. uncle) is alive, but his wife has him on high-level rx's after he left the house in their pick-up truck and went to the local Half-Price Books and filled the truck with books he purchased. Indiana ... don't get me started ... cross-country road trip, no key to the ladies' all across the northern lip of Indiana, you can pee in Ohio. (Humble thanks, Ohio, and such verdure, too.) Friends in Arkansas bought pick-up truckloads of books in Little Rock. That family had the largest private library I have ever seen. There was a very large private library I saw in Houston, the second largest, second to the one in Arkansas. No one in the Arkansas family (Dad was a doctor) had to take rx's for buying that many books. Maybe I should call my uncle in Indiana, literally, see how he is doing.

    The threads at M ILLNESS need help, like weeding a communal garden. Want to eat? Let's all pick a few weeds.

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